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AbraPlan 30

A reliable, high-capacity machine for fast and efficient plane grinding

AbraPlan-30 brings a wide array of features and benefits, enabling users to optimize their grinding process to save time and consumables. The robust plane grinding machine available on the materialographic market, AbraPlan-30 is a powerful and fast plane grinding machine ideal for laboratories or workplaces carrying out testing of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens.

AbraPlan-30 facts

  • Dresser with automatic surface detection
  • Optimized time and stone consumption
  • User interface for easy navigation
  • Stainless steel bowl for great durability

Fast and simple
The automatic diamond dresser keeps the grinding stone plane and sharp. An automatic surface search function enables a simpler and faster process. A special dresser key on the front plate enables faster and easier access to the dresser functions. The dresser automatically monitors the remaining thickness of the grinding stone and informs the user when the stone has to be replaced.

Easy to operate
The user interface features a clear colour display with large icons. The performance of the grinding stone, the material removal rate is monitored continuously, and the operator can follow the removal rate on a graph and optimize the process. The multipurpose turn/push knob makes navigation easy and uncomplicated.

Precise and powerful performance
The AbraPlan-30 offers an exceptionally stable and robust design with an extremely solid frame for precision grinding and powerful motors. The design limits vibrations, while a stainless-steel bowl prevents damage of the bowl when a specimen is lost. The bowl comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty.


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