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Suppository Penetration Tester PM 30


The ERWEKA MM 30 measures the softening time of suppositories. Suppositories must disintegrate, dissolve or melt at body temperature in order to release the active ingredients to the body. ERWEKA offers a version for USP method A and method B.


The PM 30 Penetration Tester (compliant to EP, Apparatus A) and the PM 3 (according to EP, Application B) have been designed to carry out reproducible measurements to the softening time of suppositories at predetermined temperatures. The construction of the tester makes visual observation of the melting characteristics extremely simple. The unit comprises of 3 test stations.



  • Glass test tubes, 2g, with adaptor, for PM 30 acc. to EP App. B
  • Glass test tubes, 3g, with adaptor, for PM 30 acc. to EP App. B
  • Immersion thermometer with certificate (instead of non-certificated immersion thermometer)
  • Water stabiliser with colour indicator, 1 bottle for 2 filling

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