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On the GT a special balance, which can measure stable weight while the sample is falling onto it. It is integrated into the unit to determine the flow time of a sample weight or pre-specified sample volume, as well as sample weight, which falls within a specified flow time.


For easy comparison a graph according to List and Mùˆller (mass/time) is calculated and displayed and/or printed.

  • Determination of the flow time of a pre-set sample weight (DAB 10)
  • Determination of the flow time of a pre-defined sample volume
  • Determination of the weight which flows in a pre-defined time
  • Plot of flow time against sample weight in the form of a graph


The GT is handled by an alpha-numeric membrane keypad. Results are shown at the illuminated 320 digit 16-line full-graphic LC display. As standard the unit is delivered with a stainless steel hopper (480 ml) and three stainless steel outlet nozzles (10; 15; 25 mm) which can be exchanged by a quick coupling. Additional stainless steel hoppers (100; 200 ml) and outlet nozzles (6; 8; 11,3 mm) are available as option.


The GT comes with serial RS 232 and USB interface for transfer and print-out of results.



The GTB offers in addition to the standard flow properties the measurement of the angle of  repose according to Pfrengle: the powder or granulate falls onto a plate with a specified surface and creates a cone. An integrated driven laser measures the side wall of the built-up cone and the actual angle is calculated and displayed and/or printed.



Installation qualification and operation qualification handbooks are available. If required installation, IQ and OQ can be performed by the ERWEKA Quality Management Department (see Services).


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