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TAR Friability and Abrasion tester


The TAR series is a USP/ Pharm.Eur./ JP compliant ERWEKA unit for testing friability and/or abrasion. Programming is easily performed by the symbol style keypad. The rotation speed can be programmed between 20 and 100 rpm and test run duration can be set in either time or total number of revolutions. During the test run the actual rotation speed and the test run duration is shown on bright LE displays. For larger samples the complete unit can be set to the USP / Pharm.Eur. required 10° position by a standard switching leg.


To increase the ease of handling on the TAR series, the friability drums do not have to be removed and opened for loading and emptying. Instead the friability drums are loaded through an opening. On completion of the test run the samples are automatically removed into a container located under the drum.


The optional USB interface allows you either to download the test parameters (time, actual/ nominal speed) to a PC or receive a hardcopy printout when an optional printer is connected.


Technical details:

  • 20 – 100 rpm
  • Available for 1 or 2 drums
  • Compatible with ERWEKA friability- and abrasion drums
  • DC frequency motor with constant actual/ nominal adjustment for adjustable speed
  • Built-in timer
  • Membrane function keys for pre-selection of the test run-time in either number of turns or time and rotation speed
  • 2x LE display
  • Switching leg for 10° adjustment

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