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BioDis RRT 10 (USP 3 and opt. 7)


The ERWEKA RRT10 is the perfect unit for multiple media pH change and complies with USP Apparatus 3 and optional with the USP method 7*. The RRT10 is available with 6, 7 or 8 rows of vessels, 6 test stations and 2 reference positions or 7 test stations each and offers several configuration possibilities.


The rows of vessels are placed in the acrylic glass water bath, which is equipped with an outlet valve for easy and convenient cleaning and heated by the powerful flow-through heating system. An external PT 100 temperature sensor serves for checking the temperature. Each row can be filled with a different kind of media and therefore the media can be changed up to six times automatically. To prevent media evaporation during the test, all vessels are covered by an automated evaporation cover system.


The unique left to right movement allows easy access and visibility to each row. The changing intervals as well as the reciprocating speed (5–40 strokes/min.) can be set individually for each row by the user. The touch-screen display is used to enter the data and view the results.


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