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Dissolution On and Offline System UV VIS


A high degree of automation and flexibility is offered by the new half-automated on-/offline dissolution system. It is controlled via the fully validated ERWEKA software and offers automated dissolution testing, integrated UV-Vis analysis and sample collection into HPLC vials or glass tubes for reference samples or later HPLC analysis.


The ERWEKA on-/offline dissolution system offers the possibility to include a UV/Vis spectrophotometer (ERWEKA, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Analytic Jena, Agilent) into the sample withdrawal system.


Therefore the ERWEKA on-/offline dissolution system can be used as:

a sample collection device (max. 324 samples; incl. sample tempering), and

a UV-VIS online system (including virtual dilution by various path lengths with optimized flow-through cuvettes).


An automated system runs without user observation. In order to determine the cause in case of unexpected results, ERWEKA offers a video recording system where six dissolution vessels are monitored. The video system allows the recording of each test run in combination with real-time overlapping dissolution profiles to identify disturbances such as coning etc. and to get the visual impression of 24 hours in 2 minutes. The video monitoring is a very powerful tool for method development as well for troubleshooting.


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