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Dissolution HPLC On and Offline system


A high degree of automation and flexibility is offered by the new half-automated on-/offline dissolution system. It is based on the fully validated ERWEKA software and offers automated dissolution testing, fraction collection, UV-VIS or HPLC analysis as well as a combination of all. The on-/offline dissolution system uses an innovative flow-through system of sealed PEEK-vials. The sample is withdrawn from the dissolution vessel through tip filters from 1 µm porosity by a peristaltic pump.


In case of filtration from 0.45 µm porosity, the membrane filter changer AFC 825  or double filtration station in combination with the high precision piston pump PVP (filtration of 0.22 µm) can be used to the PEEK block of sealed flow-through vials integrated in the auto sampler.


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