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Dissolution Tester DT 1610 Series


The ERWEKA DT 1610 series offers advanced intelligence and features for stand-alone operation or for control of complete dissolution offline sampling system. It allows storage of up to 60 product test-run parameters.


The DT 1610 series is based on the DT 820 (user interface such as keypad, displays and menu structure) and can be equipped with 12, 13 or 14 test-stations arranged in 2 rows and which can be operated in High-Head and Low-Head mode.


It offers an OQ traffic light to show USP/EP compliance as well as an external temperature sensor for checking the water bath. The water bath is designed for easy access and cleaning.

The DT 1610 series offers high capacity dissolution testing. Due to the configuration the unit offers to run 2 different batches of the same product or 2 different products with the same dissolution monograph at the same time.



  • OQ traffic light for display of the USP/ EP compliance of the unit
  • Dissolution Tester for USP methods 1 (Basket), 2 (Paddle), 5 (Paddle over Disk) and 6 (Rotating Cylinder) with 12, 13 or 14 test stations (1612, 1613, 1614)
  • 100% USP/EP/JP compliant
  • Fulfils all specifications in accordance with FDA “Mechanical Calibration”
  • OQ traffic light for display of USP / EP compliance of the unit
  • 5.7“ display, alpha-numeric touch-sensitive foil keypad
  • Media loss less than 1% during 24h (37.0°C, 50rpm, 1000ml)
  • External high capacity flow-through heater with a heating range: 30-50 °C (± 0,2 °C),
  • Tablet drop magazine for the max. 14 samples (Low-Head)
  • Sampling openings through the drive-head for easy sample withdrawal from the 1st and 2nd row of vessels
  • Internal temperature sensor for water bath temperature display and documentation
  • External temperature sensor for water bath/media temperature display
  • Wobble less than 0.5 mm at delivery (Paddles)
  • Acoustic and optic reminder of manual sampling (29 intervals)

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