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Chewing Gum Tester


Test equipment to masticate chewing gums, especially medicated ones, for the in-vitro release of substances from the samples into a surrounding liquid medium. Up and down strokes (vertical) of the lower jaw in combination with a revolving movement of the upper jaw which provides mastication of the chewing gum and at the same time an agitation of the test medium.


For manual sampling, emptying and cleaning process, the lower jaw with the test cell can be lowered into the down position and the chewing process stops. The test cell, the upper and lower jaw can be easily removed. The temperature of the water in the test cell around the media will be controlled by a water circulation system. The chewing gum test apparatus is used to chew gum and then analyzes the speed at which various substances leave a gum (release). The apparatus is also very helpful to develop candy chewing gums. Also a few odd applications are possible such as testing of snuff bags etc. and in a special design, controlled mort development of tablets.


As the DRT offers a modular design, any number of chewing gum can be tested at the same time, with the DRT-6 with 6 test stations the most commonly used. The cells can be equipped with accessories for measuring the pressure of chewing gum, torque at shear force (twisting motion), pH, temperature, etc. All measurements are logged into a data logger and can then be printed.



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