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CUT 6062


Fully automatic precision microtome
Standard unit for paraffin sections and research, plastic and industrial applications. The fully motorised unit offers an even greater comfort than manual and semi-automatic microtomes whilst retaining all essential features of this series. The modular design allows custom-made assemblies from a broad range of accessories.

  • Motorized trimming up to 300 µm, programmable
  • Motorized advance (2 speeds) / return of specimen
  • 2 specimen feed memory positions
  • Highly efficient motorized sectioning (section window / variably adjustable cutting speeds)
  • Variable retraction
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Section counter (stroke / distance)
  • Specimen size up to 50 x 50 mm with standard object clamp or standard cassette size for universal cassette clamp
  • Spacious integrated section waste tray
  • External control element (optional)
  • Wide range of accessories

Optional accessories for tailor-made configurations:

  • 2-component disposable blade holder
  • 3-component disposable blade holder
  • Standard knife holder
  • Object orientation
  • Quick Load cassette clamp, orientable
  • Universal cassette clamp, orientable
  • Universal cassette clamp, fixed
  • Standard object clamp, orientable
  • Standard object clamp, fixed
  • Super mega cassette clamp, fixed
  • Foil clamp

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