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Prima OPH


Routine Eye Surgery and Diagnostics Made Simple and Affordable

Ophthalmic surgeons must be empowered with instruments that perform with ultimate precision. The Prima OPH is the first in a new class of microscopes designed with a focus on better and more affordable eye care.  With an intelligent LED illumination system that runs long and cool, an Apochromatic Galilean optical system, and fluid articulation, the Prima OPH delivers high performance in the most demanding environments.


PRIMA OPH Advantages:

  • A super bright LED produces a powerful yet cool field of illumination, with a color temperature of 5700 degrees Kelvin to produce a pristine white light on the eye.  With a run time of 60,000 hours of bulb service life, bulb changes and storing spares are no longer a matter of concern. Electronics built directly into the swivel arm make the Prima OPH a compact solution.

  • An Apochromatic Galilean optical system produces sharp contrast and resolution at every step. Proprietary MaxLite™ sputtered coatings promise the highest degree of anti-reflective and anti-scratch properties, yielding artifact free and durable optics. Fine focusing control is provided on an available range of long working distance CMOs.

  • Red reflex is made possible in the Prima OPH thanks to an ingenious optical design, enabling visualization of an illuminated retina for easy detection of ruptured vessels, arteries, or damage to the optic disc.

  • Ophthalmologists can use a digital SLR or video camera, thanks to a wide selection of adapters available through LABOMED's ProLine™. A proprietary iVu S5 camera provides an excellent solution with its all-in-one high definition imaging, streaming, and capture options. Real-time streaming can be achieved on a flat panel monitor mounted conveniently to the arm.


PRIMA OPH Applications:

  • Cataract Removal

  • Micro-surgery

  • Corneal Surgery

  • General Practice




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