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Products » Analytical Equipment » Optical Emission Spectrometers » Q8 Magellan Emission Spectrometer for Laboratory and on site Analysis

Q8 Magellan Emission Spectrometer for Laboratory and on site Analysis


High-End Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis where others give up, Bruker Elemental's mission begins: from plenty of enthusiasm plus even more know-how, arose the idea to develop a new  optical emission spectrometer; a spectrometer setting new standards with respect to technology. reliability, flexibility, and handling. The result is the internationally recognized Q8 MAGELLAN.


Offered in different versions it is consequently suitable for routine operation in both laboratory and production environments. Newly developed electronics, detectors, optical components and information technology ensure that Q8 MAGELLAN dramatically differs from the broad range of spectrometers on the market.


The components were mated in such a way that unmatched performance can be guaranteed. Thus, the bruker Elemental development team succeeded in bringing an end to the long term stagnation in the field of premium spark spectrometers, breaking new ground with the development of Q8 MAGELLAN.


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