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G4 ICARUS CS HF Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer

Combustion Method with High-Frequency Furnace and Infrared Detection

The G4 ICARUS HF combustion analyzer is the ideal instrument for the rapid, precise and simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur in numerous material types, such as: steel, iron, cast iron, alloys, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, titanium and alloys, zirconium and alloys, ores, ceramics, cement, limestone, and many more.


The G4 ICARUS HF is virtually maintenance free and easily operated via intuitive PCbased software. The solid sample is combusted in a high-frequency furnace in a flow of oxygen.


The carbon and sulfur components in the sample are oxidized to CO2 and SO2, respectively, and transported with the oxygen carrier gas through a solid-state NDIR detector system with two measuring ranges for both carbon and sulfur of maximum selectivity and stability.


The system is characterized by its high analytical speed, precision and sensitivity combined with ease of use and almost maintenance free operation.


By introducing key technology advances, the G4 ICARUS HF creates a new dimension of usability and productivity.

The innovative combustion zone design utilizes a gas extraction nozzle (pat. pend.) to ensure a high oxygen excess at the sample with instant removal of liberated gases and formed metal oxide dust.


A unique, fully automatic cleaning system with brush-free dust removal, ensures simultaneous cleaning of the inline dust filter and gas extraction nozzle while transferring accumulated dust into the (used) crucible for disposal. In conjunction with a new type, temperature stabilized dust filter these innovations create unrivalled characteristics and performance.


Special Features and Benefits G4 ICARUS HF

  • Advanced, high frequency induction furnace technology with long life oscillator tube (3-year warranty)
  • Innovative furnace design with gas extraction nozzle (pat. pending), lancefree operation; virtually eliminating dust and splatters; thus reduced maintenance, higher productivity
  • Unique fully automatic cleaning system with vacuum-free, noiseless and brush-free dust removal into the used crucible; no routine maintenance, no hazardous dust handling; cleaning time less than 5 seconds
  • Double dual range solid-state NDIR detector (no moving parts); unique 3-year warranty
  • Electronic pressure and flow monitoring; fully automatic leak check; zero-flow mode saves oxygen during break periods
  • Graphical on-line display of signals during analysis provides immediate feedback
  • Clearly and simply structured Bruker „One-4-all“ software interface with intuitive operation; data storage for subsequent review of all analyzes; data transfer via FTP or local network connection possible



  • High-Frequency Induction Furnace
  • Unique automatic cleaning system
  • Electronic Flow Control and Pressure Monitoring, Leak Test
  • Connected Balance
  • Working Principle
  • Detection Principle
  • Calibration
  • Storage of Configurations/ Methods

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