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G4 ICARUS CS HF Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer


For rapid and precise Carbon and Sulphur analysis -even at ppm levels- the automatic analyzer G4 ICARUS CS HF proves highly effective, especially with metallic materials. The sample, placed in a ceramic crucible, is introduced into a HF induction furnace and combusted in an oxygen stream. The resulting reaction gases CO2 and SO2 are measured by selective and sensitive NDIR detectors.


Special Features and Benefits G4 ICARUS HF

  • Avanced, high frequency induction furnace technology with long life oscillator tube (3-year warranty)
  • Inovative furnace design with gas extraction nozzle (pat. pending), lancefree operation; virtually eliminating dust and splatters; thus reduced maintenance, higher productivity
  • Unique fully automatic cleaning system with vacuum-free, noiseless and brush-free dust removal into the used crucible; no routine maintenance, no hazardous dust handling; cleaning time less than 5 seconds
  • Double dual range solid-state NDIR detector (no moving parts); unique 3 year warranty
  • Electronic pressure and flow monitoring; fully automatic leak check; zero-flow mode saves oxygen during break periods
  • Graphical on-line display of signals during analysis provides immediate feedback
  • Clearly and simply structured Bruker „One-4-all“ software interface with intuitive operation; data storage for subsequent review of all analyzes; data transfer via FTP or local network connection possible

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